Give me strength

Dear Father , thank you for this great Day that you have made for me , you are Awesome in my Life , so right now I ask that you give me some mental , emotional strength , to walk away from this and any relationship that’s not right or good for me , please in Jesus Name! Right now I am so hurt , but I believe and know that you are in this storm with me. I really wanted this relationship to work , but I will not allow myself to continue to be abused verbally by a man that has no respect for me at all, so Father once again I need you like never before . In Jesus Name Amen

You hear every prayer

Thank you Father for giving me strength, for seeing me through the hardships with my daughter with special needs. You have her in the palm of your hands. Even though I have no answer, I have peace, I have trust, I have no fear, I have no worry. You give me strength to go on each day in spite of the hardships I face, in spite of the unknown. I can endure. Thank you Father for your unending love for your peace, for your strength to endure. Thank you for today, for all  the prayers you have answered which others have posted to you. You hear every prayer and are with all of us as we cry out to you. Lord be with us through our trials, through our darkness, through our difficulties, through our burdens. Only you can come to our rescue. Thank you for hearing our heartfelt cries. We praise your holy name for you are God our Saviour, and your love will carry us through.  Oh I love talking you, It gives me peace, and strength  beyond measure each time I come to you on this blessed website, I feel your presence beyond measure, as I type my heart onto this page. You are with me, and I have no fear.
Yes its me, your daughter, Loraine

Dear Lord i live you and need you in my life.

Dear Lord

i have written to you many times as i cannot beat my problem without you. Please help me be more responsible with work, more giving to people,and most important please help me to help myself with my ain killer addiction problem. me snd htis is the route to all of my problems. Lord, honestly iam afraid

 of you and feel that iam being punished by you for not being a good person in this world.please reveal to me what it is you want me to do as i want you to forgive me and love me. Iam starting to get scared like  i want to harm myself as iam very tired of my ways and my lying yo myself and everything else that i do wrong. God would you send some people for me just to talk to tf they are sincere loving caring people-. I have no ulterior motives other than wanting some good friends who might be able t help me to get better. I have been procrastinating for a long time due to the withdrawal of this medication and i need your help as i can´t take living this way anymore. 

Thank you for all you have done to help me in the past and present,

All my love,


Please Forgive My Sins and Help Me Become Born Again!

Dear Christ Jesus,

I have not lived a very spiritual life, most of my life has been involved in alcohol, drugs, smoking and not following you. I repent, like all of us do, and we all live with the guilt, but as I have read the bible and have found out, that our slate is wiped clean, and we need not live with the guilt as we are forgiven. I need your help Lord to become BORN AGAIN. No one enters the Kingdom, unless they are born again!  Please help me to be strong in reading the bible every day, and to turn from all sin.

I ask these things in Christ Jesus,


Lord, I just wanna say sorry for the things that I have done. Thank You for all you have given me. I want to be with my girls everyday.Please help me to take of the financial problems I’m trying but there are those who seem to want to fail. my legal issues my legs most of all my head.

God take my head my heart and my hands. Lead me down a path of good deeds for the right reasons

Please help and protect me and all those I encountered .

Please help me

Dear Lord,

I try to write to you every day and today i wanted to say thank you for all you´ve done for me. It is very hard for me to have faith in you.It´s because i can ´t see you, talk to you but someone created all of this.

There are allot of smart people in this world who are much better and more deserving than me  but God i don´t want to die and iam killing myself hiding behind all the hurt and mess i created to other people my ex-wife ,my children and parents everyone because of my drug addiction problem.

God i am miserably waking up every night sick lonely.They say in your life do not look back on the past ,but iam beating myself up for the past. God please help all the people in front of me that need it but all i ask from you is the strength to change my life.God Please don´t let me die until i leave all my loved ones with some savings and then you can task me to help anyone you want me to.Please let me be in touch with what you want me to do this day and every day.God i do not feel so great so iam going to say thank you-


Your Alan.

I want to testify of what a spell caster did for me and my hubby.

I want to testify of what a spell caster did for me and my hubby.we have been married since 2007 without a sign of pregnancy.I went off birth control then and did not have a gyro gave me progesterone to jump-start a period and it did.,but i did not have another one.we did another round of progesterone followed by 100mg clomid for 5 months,we followed all doctors instructions but all to no avail.I have been buying ovulation kits pregnancy test AND i finally got 3 test when i was ovulating! So ever since that we been trying for years now! Well i was very confused because i keep taking ept test AND they all keep turning out to b negative! I really want a baby girl while my hubby want a baby boy LOLL! I think maybe we are just trying So hard, What i can tell you is that its been so many years now and i still yet do not have my period??nobody to help because every body around us was already at the verge of losing their faith on were to run to until one faithful day i was reading a magazine and i stumble on a page were i found topic or a head line {A SPELL CASTER} who can heal someone from HIV AND AIDS,bring back your EX,enlarge your BREAST,help you win a VISA LOTTERY,losing your WEIGHT and even get six PACKS AND flatten your BELLY,I gave her a try and before i could no it Mama Isiabel rescued me from my problem by casting a spell for me and told me to go and make love with my hubby,then i did,and after nine months i delivered a twins A BOY AND A GIRL. after all this , i said to my self that i wont just testify on line, but make the whole world see and hear of her.This spell caster name is Mama Isiabel. so many people have witness her wonderful work..She is nice, contact he if you are in any predicament email her immediately without doubts•Thanks so very much!!

Mama Isiabel

Dear God,

My uncle passed away this morning at his home..all alone. It was so sudden. I pray that his wife and kids will be okay. I’m worried for mom, aunts, and grandmother. They are so grief-stricken, especially my grandmother who is 90. Please console them and give them strength in this difficult time. Please give me the strength to step up and be there for them. I never got the opportunity to say goodbye to him. Please tell my uncle that I’m sorry for not visiting as often and that he was the my favorite uncle. Most importantly, I pray for my uncle’s soul. Be there for him and guide him to you.


God, thank you so much! Thank you for my family, thank you because you made me pass my college entrance exam, thank you because you won 3rd place for me in chess, thank you for your unfailing love, thank you for your grace and mercy Lord God!! Change my heart and change my life God. God, change my ways and be with me always. YOU ARE ALWAYS ABLE! EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH YOU GOD. THANK YOU SO MUUUCH!!! HALLELUJAH!

to my Father

God, thank you for the endless blessings I have been given . And thank you for my two best friends, and Your blessing throughout our friendship. God, we have a dream for next year, we want to go to a vacation. Please guide and bless us so that we can work hard and save money so that we get to have this trip which we’ve always wanted. Amen.

i miss you wrath

I miss you wrath you were my everthing I love you so much wrathy poo I miss caling you when you leave I want you by my side everday and every night love you so much I wish you could come back dad know he did wrong we all miss you bye you were my best friend I need you back bye love you see you in heaven bye wrathy poo 

need you

Dear Jesus, please hear my plea,  I need for you to lay your hands on Debbie Furino, she has been living with MS for many years now and her condition is getting worse, doctor cant give her hope, there is no treatment to stop her disease from taking her life. Only you can change this, only you can heal her or at least put her into remission. Debbie lives for loving and worshiping you, she is a true believer in you, she wrote books all about her experiences with you in her life daily and shares it with everyone. I am angry that it has been years of her suffering and you dont give her any signs of your presence and your love, she is a wonderful mother and wife why is her life being cut short, do you really need her now, cant she have more time with her family, watch her children grow up and raise a family too! Please give her freedom to finally be able to stand up strong and walk, give her life, give her a chance this is NOT fair. I beg you on hands and knees please visit her love her heal her, this i pray. Please Jesus