Dear God,

I am asking you for a miracle. I wish I could go to india and learn about the importance of family.

Back in 2009, medical billing and coding jobs were being outsourced to india. I wish law firms in india would provide some legal and compliance trainings for us companies that are employed with indian medical companies.

God, please help me. If you don’t want me to write to you any longer, then let me know.

I am in need of a serious miracle. Please don’t ignore me.

Please work on creating miracles for me. God, please show you care and you’re getting my messages. 

Letter To God

Dear God:

My name is Nathaniel Cannon I just want to let you know that I will never give up on you or your Son Jesus. There are many things that I really do need to confess to you. Is that I know that I’m not perfect and I’ve always gotten in trouble back in the 90s as a kid. Things were just too confusing during those moments and it seems that I’m still confused on what I really need to focus on after college. I have many weaknesses that are slowing me down, like playing games, watching tv, sleeping a lot, and other things that’s keeping me on the down low. Another part is that I feel really intimidated when it comes to dating, recieving a kiss from girls/women and not having the body that I’ve always wanted. I feel that I’m not worthy of anything that’s really big. But I do know that I have a heart that will always be with you all the time. My faith will always be with both you and Jesus. Everything happens for a reason for everyone in the world who are struggling with life. I really do hope that someday that you could help me gain the inner power, bravery, bigger heart, and courage to do many different things that I’m not able to do now but could happen with your help. I want you to take me to you so that you can evolve me into a much better and true self so that I could be the person you’ve always wanted me to become. One other thing that I need help with is to face my fear of hanging out with females, as well as getting kissed by them. Kisses makes me really sweaty on my head along with shaking in intimidating horror the haunted house style. Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck out there. I still believe in you big time.

Dear Sweet Jesus

I know that I am not perfect Yahweh, I never was, I was born in a sinful nature and I confess all my sins, Jesus Please forgive me of all my sins and Iniquities. I have made some bad choice and I will not justify them in anyway. But Jesus I need your Help. The pass four years have been nothing but pain and sorrow, and I know that you have been there for me through out these years because I could have Never made it this far without the hope and strength you’ve given, but Jesus my hope is fading away, I feel soo empty and hopeless, I need show to come into my life and be my help. I need to to set me on the right path, I need your Guidance, I need to you to save me from my enemies and great in me a new heart. I love you Jesus Christ. And all am asking is you, it doesn’t matter who is against me because with you I have all I ever need. Thank for answered prayer. Amen!

Dear Lord,

Please, please, please, let me be serene. It’s all I’m asking for (together with that other wish, I already told you about. But that’s included, you know). I’m afraid of coming back to college. Too much fear of him getting back at me, trying to hurt me physically again. yes, I’m admitting it Lord, I’m afraid of him I think. I am afraid of going out alone, even here, thousand of miles away from him.
please dear God, let me have a normal life as everyone my age does. I’ve already had lots of pain in my life, and I’ll get whatever comes, if only you can give me strength. Please let me be strong, I need that. I need to learn again how to do ordinary things, such as getting in a car, driving far without getting a panic attack, without fearing to puke all the time, such as going out with friends, sleeping soundly.. have fun sometimes. It sounds fool when there’s people praying to be healthy, but I am not healthy at all, neither physically nor mentally. So please, again, I can go through pain and such, but now it’s too much. 

I’m afraid I can’t stand it anymore, and I feel like there’s no way out. I never wanted to get to this point. Please God, help me through this.

Dear Father in Heaven

It has been so long that I last talked with you and because of it I no longer know who I am. For too long I have suppressed the pain I received from others, hide my tears behind laughter, disguise my feelings behind ignorance and bury my sorrow in alcohol. Nonetheless I shouldn’t question what do you have as a plan for me only time will tell. Dear Father please console my heart, heal my pain and forgive me of all my sins. I need to come back to you wholeheartly for there is no other Gracious being than you.

Please forgive and give strength to do as you have planned.

Dear God,

Thank you for everything that you’ve given me. Thank you for always guiding me in every single day of my life. For the overflowing love, thank you. I’m sorry if I continue doing mistakes, but honestly I didn’t mean those things. Give me strength and confidence to be able to give  meaning into this wonderful life that you gave to me. Please continue to bless us oh Lord, keep us healthy and always guide us. Thank you so much. I love you unconditionally. 

Your daughter, 

Mary Cris M. Timoteo

Dear Lord,

I’ve been trying to get in touch with you so hard lately. I’m pretty sure I succeeded one day, but now I can’t really find you anymore. Where are you? I need you so much.
This year (actually, these past 2 years) have been amazing and tough, and challenging, all at the same time.
You made me realize two of my biggest dreams, and I will never stop saying thanks to you for that, even though one of my dreams has just flown away. That makes me sad, but you kept your promise: you made me try.
As my best friend says, the second one has turned into a nightmare. But I still appreciate it, because now I know what it is like. I will try to accept it no matter what.
thanks for realizing my dreams, and I feel like even thanking you for the bad things. if I tell someone all I had to go through, they will hardly believe me: I lost the love of my life and my best friend at the same time. I got raped, and straight after that I got into a violent relationship. I had to go through the whole process of a report, which I am still going through. I saw death again with my own eyes, but thanks to you he gained some sort of lucidity and let go of the grip. I thought he would have chocked me, until I started praying inside, and he calmed down, every single time.
So thanks for having given me the strength to stop this insane relationship and to break up with him. Thanks for giving me the guts to try and tell my love what I felt. Thanks for giving me my family, my friends, who have been so close to me in the past few months.
You know it, because I always tell you. I don’t want much in life. I already got to move, one of the things I’ve always desired to get. I don’t want a lot of money, I don’t want power, I don’t want fame. I don’t want to be the best at something, I don’t want to reach an important role in life. All I ask for is love. Serenity. Health, if possible. I know it sounds even more, right? But at least it’s something that you would like too, wouldn’t you. Isn’t love our primary goal in this life? I don’t even have to force myself into this, I just love loving. I don’t like bearing any grudge, I’m actually bad at it. I love helping people, I love giving my love to someone.
So please, just allow me to love and be loved. I’d love it if you can make it work between us. He is so lovely, and cute, and handsome, and full of life. You know why I want him so bad, dear God? It’s because he gives me joie de vivre. he is so full of life, of sparkles, he just shines. He feels like nothing touches him, he has few problems, because he just lets them go. I just need him for this. I need to laugh, stop crying and enjoy life, finally with someone who respects me. Someone who is there for me, while my entire family is thousand of miles away from me.. I get so lonely at times, you know that right..

Please dear Lord, listen to me just once more. I won’t bother you anymore with my prayers.

There are four men I need in my life right now: my dad, my brother, him and You. Please let all of you stay.

Me XxX

Please give my Papa back.

Dear God,

It is really tough time for me and my family. This day comes in everyone’s life but I never thought this is what written in my share. My Papa committed suicide. My heart is fully broken.
Seems no life inside me, even i want to die. why did not he took me with him. why he left me alone. My mummy is always sad now, she keeps on thinking but never share anything.
it is killing me. My two younger sisters..they are very small how will they cop up this loss Almighty. why din’t you stopped my dad…why did you took him away from us..
we do not have strength to bear this pain. Please give our Papa back. I beg you. Please give my Papa back. we miss & love him lot. Please send him back. Take me with you instead of him.
I know you have unlimited power. you can do anything. Please return my Papa back. I will never ask you for anything other than this.Please do this Miracle, I will owe this to you throughout my life. I will do whatever you say. But Please give my back. Please return him back to us. Please God I beg you please give my papa back. I will never ask you anything more. Please send my Papa back as he was. I will not even ask you for baby.
J - Please give my papa back.
E- Please give my papa back.
S - Please give my papa back.
U - Please give my papa back.
S - Please give my papa back.

loving Father

Please help me through these times Lord. You have given me so much good over the years Lord and i feel like i keep messing things up, like i cant do anything right. I try hard Lord i really do. Why do things always seem to go wrong and why must i keep feeling depressed all the time? I know you are there for me Lord and i know you will keep your helping hand on me. Please help me to stop always thinking of the bad and please show me that everything will be all right. Please Lord help me to feel strong and happy again. I know you will do this foe me Lord as you always have in the past. Let me hurry up and get through this so i can get on with the good things. I thank you for all the good you have given me in the past Lord and i pray for your help and guidance with all i do in the future. 

In Jesus Christ name AMEN 

Dear God

I need you, i really need you. I’m going through hard times for me, You know and I know that i love him, i just can’t understand why can’t i show him my feelings properly. I always pray for you to give me wisdom, to ask you to be part of my relationship with him because i know that without you it would have no sense. Please help me, help me to show the love i have for him, all i want is us to be happy, to be alright. help me to be a better person, no only for him but for my family and especially for You. I have faith that you will help me, you will make everything better, like always. All that i have right now is because of You and thank you for that. My life is entrusted in you, thanks for giving me another day, and sorry if i’m not living it the way i should. I love you Father, and i ask for your peace, your wisdom, your protection and your strength. PLEASE HELP ME, i can’t stand to be like this with him, i really can’t. But i know i’m holding this thanks to you. Please bless my family and forgive me for my sins. I love you so much!!


Querido dios , dame fuerza para no aser todo esto que me pasa por mi mente ,dame fuerza para ser el que enverdad soy .dios gracias por darme salud y vida te ruego que guíes a mi familia a mis amigos y te pido por la mujer que amo que sea muy feliz . Dios dale salud a todas las personas que me rodean te pido por mi padre que por favor se curé solo tu sabes como ,por mi hermano .y perdóname por casi no acordarme de ti .