I am sorry

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am sorry for what I am about to do. I tried very hard to be a good person and to keep patience. It has been a year now and at the end the only result I have had is denial and loneliness. I cannot take the pain any longer so I have decided to end my life. I had prayed to you for one thing in life that I wanted the most and I had asked you to take me away with You if you could not give me that. But it seems you like turning a deaf ear to all my prayers. I cannot bear this pain anymore. I have seen to much and waited too long. I am sorry but I am going to end my life now. Thank you.

Dear God

Thank you for the strength you have given me.  I am trying very hard to be patient and its working.  Everyday is difficult.  I hope everyday that the money will come through every little bit helps.  I know you hear me every time I pray, however praying everyday it helps to say it anyway.

Hope everyday I know the money will come through soon


I pray to you O God, the things that I need

Dear God,

I pray that God gives me peace in my mind and body.

I pray that you give me the love the I need.

I pray that I get the car to drive to go to church and other please that I need to go too. The house for my self to leave in and the job, the money and the clothing and food that I pray that I need too.

I pray that I have the thing that I dream of that I desires so much.

I pray that we have that love and protection and get to worship and gloryfy you and to now you for all man and women and things.

I pray that YOU O God give me the things that are missing and lost in my life and bring that that hope and joy.      THANK YOU LORD GOD

I love you O God , and thank you for your love and care and protection and blessing and addtion to our life and kindlyness because it’s you. Amen to the father the son in the Jesus Christ and the Holy Gost. Amen

Dear God

Thank you for the strength you have given me and the joy of the fact my children are talking to me more and I will be able to see my grandchildren.  I am praying for the funds to move and hoping everything falls into place soon.  I am so grateful for all the people I have met while living here.  I hope that this weekend is peaceful.  I feel bad praying for funds to get through all of this, however hope is all I have and prayers


An image i hope becomes true with gods help :/

                Sometimes I get these really dark moments where I overthink and then end up balling my eyes out. I think to myself, rooting around in my mind for every negative thought there is and pull it to the surface and let my emotions feed off of it and soon enough I’m sitting there, horribly depressed on the edge of my bed crying, sometimes not even crying. Sometimes I’m just sitting there, numbly, self-pitying myself. I eventually pull myself out of it, mostly when I hear my parents going to bed and I don’t want them to hear the small muffled cries of me through my door. I don’t want them to see the scissors next to me, or the horizontal line on my leg. I want them to see the complete opposite of me, the side that I show most. An image of a girl smiling, laughing, singing to loudly. Not me, not the girl staring out the window coming back from Wal-Mart where I just don’t want to talk. And keeping up this act is getting really hard so I’m hoping I’ll find strength in making the fake image that I show to them daily, actually start to become true. 


Hi, dear God. Thank you po sa lahat hg blessing na binibigay nyo po sa amin araw araw. Thank ful po ako sa mga natatanggap namin. Thank you din po sa patuloy nyong pag gabay at pag protekta sa amin araw araw. Sana po patuloy nyo po kaming gabayan at protektahan sa araw araw naming buhay at sa lahat po ng aming ginagawa. Ilayo nyo po sana kami sa anumang sakit, at sakuna. Kung sakali naman pong magkasakit kami, tulungan nyo po sana kami na gumaling agad. Lagi nyo po sanang gagabayan sila mama at papa sa pag pasok nila sa trabaho. Lalo na po si papa kasi po malayo sya samin. Sana po maging healthy po sya at hindi maging sakitin. Bigyan nyo po sana sila ng sapat na lakas ng loob para harapin lahat ng problemang maaaring dumating sa kanila. Gabayan nyo rin po sana yung mga kapatid ko sa pag pasok nila araw araw sa school. Marami po sana silang matutunan at makapag aral po sana sila ng maayos. Thank you din po kasi binigyan nyo po ako ng mga kaibigan na tumutulong po sakin sa mga problema ko. Sorry po kung minsan nakakapag isip po ko ng paghihiganti or what. Nasasaktan lang po kasi ako. Pero sinusubukan ko naman po maging better. Gabayan nyo po sana ako para matupad ko po yung mga plano ko. Marami po salamat.


After being in relationship with jimmy fisher for five years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the osun, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before two days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living together happily again. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful Dr osun who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all the fake ones out there. Anybody could need the help of the Dr , his email ( rivertemplekingdom@outlook.com) you can email him if you need his assistance in your relationship or any kind of help he is a man with diginity.  Best Regards Mrs Linda Wilson

Dear GOD thank you for showing me that I have a wonderful life and family. Please help me to have this life with my kids and husband. I lost the money now he has to go and i don’t know what to give him, i am scared that he might hit me and ye-ale at me please GOD now i now i know what i want please give a chance.

I am asking your forgiveness pleas lord help me this time. I beg you by the name of your mother, you did miracles for her pleas take me out of this mess. help me to stand up please GOD help me.

Dear God

Thank you for the strength you have given me.  I am not going to stay with my fiance his drinking is out of control when I come home from work I have to take care of him also.  This is like taking care of an elderly person before my time.  He feels he is a career drinker and he not going to stop.  I have pleaded with him.  He does not see the problem because he does not remember what he did the night before.  This happens every night.  I have learned one thing Not to enable him.  When he falls on the floor I go peek on him and make sure he is fine, however I do not help him up no matter how much he screams.  First time I did this I felt so much better, however he’s not ready to change it breaks my heart that he has made his choice.  When the time is right in few months I am leaving him.  He tells me everyday how much he loves me when he is sober and drunk how much he hates me.  I love him so much, however he has an illness and must deal with it now on his own I tried for three years of this.  I am not giving up I am moving on.  If he wants me he will make a change and I would come back to him if he is sober and tries to get help.

  I hope now for the strength to move on and for the money to move the time to move is soon.  I can only hope and pray.


Dear God,

I know I don’t talk to you much these days, but I need your guidance.

My husband won’t stop drinking and it’s ruining our marriage. I’ve done everything I can to get him to stop. I’ve even asked him why he drinks and he says cause he wants to. I asked him is life so bad you have to drink all the time ? I understand pretty much his whole family drinks and that’s what he was raised around. I wouldn’t care if he was a happy cheery drunk, but it’s not like that. He’s darn right out mean and it’s cause so many problems between us not to mention our child got taken from us because of it and it’s not fair to me. I’m a good mother. Now I have to go through so much to get our child and I’m pregnant with our second child. He’s a good person when he’s sober and he’s tried to stop but there is so many people that drink around him and it mainly his family and I can’t keep him from them that would be wrong. I need you to show him a different path, a better one, a sober one or I have no choice but to leave him but what good would that do he’ll just drink more. I want to help him and support him in quitting but I’m having a hard time making him see through someone else’s eyes and to him he’s not doing anything wrong and he don’t see how he acts towArd people when he’s drunk, or see how much of a fool he makes his self look. He don’t see what he’s doing to himself and the people that love and care about him. I love him for the person he truly is without the alcohol. He needs to stop for our children.

Dear God

Dear God

Thank you for helping me through the sadness of my fathers death.  My fiance is a jerk still, however my plan to move on is falling into place.  I love you and have faith in you to help me make a good transition and the powerbal will put icing on the cake.  Does not hurt to ask.  Anyway Money from the most unlikely places would be wonderful.  I can only hope.  The whirlwind will pass me by and the wicked will be no more and the everlasting goodness will prevail.  I hold onto these words everyday part of which I found in the bible.   Hope



Dear God,

My God. I am nothing without you. My plans are nothing without you. My dreams and ambitions are nothing without you. This day, I don’t want to beg or ask anything. I humbly bow down to You and lift up everything I have right now. All my happiness and all my downs. I don’t want to beg or ask, I simply want to thank you for every single thing you did to me, whether it’s big or small. You have given me so much sometimes I wonder if I truly deserve all of these. I was once a lost sheep and you brought me back. I was once the demon but you told me that I am not because I am Your daughter. I was just astray and you led me back. I sinned a lot but You always forgave me. And sometimes it pains me that I couldn’t love You the way You love me. But I’m trying my Lord. 

There are so many ways to serve you. I thought You were calling me. But now I don’t know. You gave me this guy in the least time I expected. I couldn’t tell what you are trying to tell me. I am not quite sure if you are letting me choose or if you are giving me this path because this is what you want for me. 

But despite the doubts, I’m thankful You gave him to me. I’m thankful that at this point in my life, I may not have everything, but You gave me what real happiness is like. Happiness right now takes a whole lot of meaning to me. 

Today is our monthsary. We or rather I was planning to stay in his life forever. To spend the rest of my life with him. It’s kinda cheesy and we are like a month yet and maybe it’s too early to say this but yes Lord. I want to stay in his life forever. I can feel that he is The One. I can feel it in my heart Lord that this guy is what you want for me. But my plans are bigger than yours my Father. In my whole life, I have witnessed how You pulled me up and revealed to me that although I may get hurt, You always have the best plans for me. Despite everything, I ended up happy! I’m sorry for the little faith I have. I know that You know that I’m scared about your plans for me and him, for us. Because I’m scared that what we might have right now is just borrowed time and that maybe You have different plans for us that involves going our separate ways. I’m scared my Father. We are miles apart. I’m scared I might lose my feelings. I’m scared he might find somebody better than me or maybe I’ll find someone who can fill up the distance we have. I’m always scared about the future. 

But you once told me not to get scared and not to doubt You. Not to live in the past nor in the future but to live today. I know I have loved You more in words than in deed but today I’ll try to strengthen my faith. Maybe You gave him to me to convert me. To tell me not to worry. To enjoy the blessings You gave me while I still can. That’s why Lord, I don’t want to beg or ask. I want to lift up to you the most important guy in my life today. I want to lift up to you our relationship Almighty Father. I am nothing without you! You have greater plans for us! 

Lord, You’re will be done! 

I just want you to lead me to the right path always. To help me not to be blinded by the many blessings you gave me. Help me to prioritize You always. You are still the number one man in my life. I will forever praise You my God. Forgive me for the many things I have failed to do and forgive me for hurting You. Help me strengthen my faith. And help me not stay asleep when it comes to You.

My Loving Father, You’re will be done.

Thank you for every 7th of every month. Thank you for giving me my norman.



Dear God,

Please help. I’m so broken on the inside. I’ve been crying everyday for 6 months now, and I’m crashing badly. I feel so lost and confused. I don’t know who I am and what I’m suppose to do anymore. I find no meaning and purpose and I’ve no zeal anymore or zest for life. There’s no life in my eyes. Please help Lord. Please…

Dear God

Lord i just want to thank you for everything you have done for me so far, you have made me realize that in order to be true to myself i need to be true to you, i thank you for forgiving me every time i mess up and sin, i also thank you for answering my prayers because as you know they have been things that i never thought i could over come. jesus you are so amazing and inspiring and i’m glad that my friend helped me to get to know who you are, without you i don’t have a clue where i would be right now but i know it wouldn’t be in a very good place, what you have done for me and others as well is phenomenal and i can’t thank you enough for everything you have done, and i just want to say that i pray that everyone that goes to the infuse summer camp had encounter with you god that you will let them know that you are there and that you will never leave their side. i know that the theme this year is called breakthrough so i pray that you will help me breakthrough whatever i need to in order to get closer to you, i also pray that you will help me into becoming a worship leader and maybe even as big as Jesus culture, how they worship you is amazing and their voices are so beautiful and unique, so yeah that’s the end of my letter and i cant wait to see what you have in store for me

Love from

Dear Abba (LORD) GOD:

You ARE One and ONLY GOD who knows each one in the universe, who knows when the sun comes up and sleep. You know each one’s birthday/death date. There’s nothing hidden from you. YOU ARE Almighty, Incredible, Marvelous, Supernatural, Amazing, Wonderful, Counselor, Healers, Provider, Protector, Giver, Only one that is Good, YOU ARE; HE IS, You ARE! Thank you LORD Hashem, thank YOU and I Praise YOU today!

You know me when I was being formed LORD GOD Adonai; you know me before I was knit in secret; You know me when I was in mother’s womb. You know me more than I know myself; You know when I get up in the morning, when I speak, what my thoughts are; even far away off YOU already know what will I say and declare. You also know when I lay in bed, when I am away from you; when I grieve, when I laugh and rejoice and when I get lonely, alone again, again, again. 

OF course YOU never leave me, Of course I am not alone, despite of the fact I can’t see anyone beside me. I tried to have company but when I read or a little have a glimpse of them, I become picky… I can’t let to of “me” to even replace YOUR Spirit company in me. I felt NOT right. Am I wrong dear GOD to be selective. Even my own husband I do not trust…my mother I trust but she also gets wisdom and counsel from you. Others may reflect what I’ve done wrong and before I feel justified, YOU being there for me, tells me I was wrong and I have to repent, right there.

YOU NEVER abandoned me; How did I know that. Ever since I was a child YOU visited me even in the midst of fear from rumor of bad spirits (ghost or scary creepy stuff) YOU allowed me to talk to YOU and YOU heard me. Thank you for being with me even at times of my sinful ways, disobedience, desiring something that’s not mine, stole things due to (buy candies, snacks) due to lack of thing (poverty) and lusting after those things that doesn’t satisfy. Thank you that YOU never rejected me on those times that I controlled my life and do what pleased me; even at times of rebellion that I did things on my own, made foolish decission. I didn’t know that YOU WERE watching me. I didn’t know for all those years that I was searching for true or my first LOVE; I did not know that YOU ARE my first LOVE; that YOU ARE what I was looking for.

I didn’t know that YOU had plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11) that YOU already know what is good for me that YOUR desires for me is not to harm me but to prosper me and give me a good future. I didn’t know in spite of rebellion, YOU yanked me out of miry thinking and clutter spaghetti life and took me in just as I was (am) and washed me and took me in YOUR Arms.

How precious are your thoughts for me O LORD, I can’t count for it is vast, I can’t count them at all; YOU hem me from afar. That is deep for me; in my language it means “surround and restrict the space or movement”, that means YOU can do this. O LORD Yes I permit you to “surround me and restrict all my space and/or all my movement of getting to where you want me, to place me in that path of righteousness.” Because if I do things, I always fall. I want YOU LORD; I give you permission to take over my life NOW and forever more, for I can’t do anything without YOU; yet you said I can do all things through Yashua who strengthens me.” Speak LORD today and Do the same to my children. I pray that they will desire you. I pray IN Jesus Name that Jackie, Davied and his wife and my grand children Isaiah and Elisha will desire YOU each day. I also pray that Tom (my distant) husband will desire YOU as HIS first LOVE and obey YOU). You said YOU will (if I ask in YOUR Name) give me the desires of my heart; for the Glory of God only, In YOUR Name O LORD my Hashem, Amen. 4th July 2014 Jax NC USA MMO