Peace and forgiveness in the world

Dear God,

           Please let there be peace in the world. Sow love, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness in all.  After thousands of years of war, I am sure mankind should be tired of killing each other.  

           Please grant wisdom to our leaders and pursue peaceful endings to all conflicts, if not for our sake, for the sake of our children.

Dear God,

Thank you for all of the good things you have brought to my life and thank you for the wonderful family that i have.

I really need your help, i have been praying to you and to my late grandmother who recently joined you in heaven. Please forgive my boyfriend for whatever he may have done, i know he may have sinned in the past but he is the most loving kind person. He needs a chance and for this cycle of bad luck to break. Please can you see that he is a good person and for him to have some good luck getting a job.

I know there are far more important things going on in the world that need your attention, i just really want him to be happy God thats all. 

Please forgive him and make him happy. 

Dear God

Could you make people who already make me disappointed and sad everyday being people who always make me smile, respect and nice to me everyday ? I’ve been tired being a person who always get ignored

Tell to my parents that I always love them and want to meet & hug them although only in dream

Please God!

Why did Jesus cry out, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?Please God am very sorry for my sins. father please have mercy on me in the Almighty name of your son Jesus Christ. God I need your help, I need your blessing, father I am very grateful for how far you have brought me. I cannot do anything without your help. I live for you God. You ate the only reason why I am still alive. I try to be happy and hopeful just because of you not because of any human being on the face of this earth. I care and love my family, but God I am always alone. No one knows what I have been through. No one knows my pain, I am afraid to open to anyone because they simply won’t understand. God you know my heart and you know my intention are good, I know need you to guide and teach me your will. May your will be done. Please grant me strength, patience and wisdom God, I feel like nothing in my life is progressing.Do some new in my life God .i beg U!! Thank you an answered prayer God in Jesus Name Amen.

losing hope

Dear God…you are the one who knows the truth…God…I know these are the result of my own Bad karmas…God…I ask for forgiveness. ..I know I cannot undo my wrong deeds…but right know all I can  do is ask for forgiveness. ..God….I’m just not able to handle such an unstable life…im tired of diverting my mind…and pretending to myself that everything is normal…God..I’m losing patience and hope…my dreams are fading away gradually. …I’ve become the reason for everybody’s pain. ..God…please carry me in your arms…and take me towards the right direction. .im lost..I don’t know to which direction am I taking my life to…God..even if you guide me to the right path..I will not be able to follow your guidance coz I don’t have the strength and the courage to do it…so I pray to you to carry me and take my life towards your right path and please do what is best for all of us…God…Its only you who can understand me…its only you who knows that im not wrong. ..please protect us from all the bad name …please protect us from all the evil…God…I don’t intend to hurt anyone….I truly wish to see them.happy….but God…what do I do….I know I am the reason for all the unhappiness in thier lives….take care of everything God…and please give us strength to understand that You will not let anything go wrong. ..I am tired of living my life in fear…God…please help…please God…please ….I need to live with a free mind….

Dear Jesus,

 I am suffering from a very painful abscess in my arm pit and it really hurts.And the major problem is i got a good job and i have to start my training next week.If i continue to be sick i might be appropriate to go to my training and therefore even might lose the job.I am taking medicine currently,but it shows very less improvement only.Please cure my abscess and please let me be fit enough to go to my job.Let your will be done!!

Dear God,

Thank you for your endless guidance and blessings. I’ve always wanted to go to my dream fashion school in Belgium / France. And I’m about to compete on a fashion design competition. Please bless me on that big day so that i and my model can do our best, so that we can learn from the experience, so that i have good things to write on my CV, so that i can do well in my future studies afterwards. Amen.

Dear God 

Today it is my birth day..i thank you so much that you let me to see this day.Dear God i  have a question for you my Holy father.Why you not allowed for me a marriage and establishing of my own family until this day? now i am 41 years old.My heart breaks when i think about my situation,as a woman no body wants to marry me.I don’t know why?

Any ways i thank you so much

Dear Lord ,

I thank you for all the blessings that you continue to bestow upon us. Thank you for shed of blood on the cross for my sin. Thank you for breaking me and torn into pieces and purifying my heart. Its not easy but you never let go of me. For I am your Child , Your bride and your Church. Thank you for the unfailing love. 

Lord , you know the desires of my heart. But is your WILL be done to me. You said to your people Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans i have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you , plans to give you hope and a future. Lord I am lifting up my hands to you. I surrender everything to you by the power of your name Jesus Christ. I can do nothing but you alone God can do everything for me. Please show me the way into your perfection and lead me the way to your right plans for me. Help me to see my purpose in life. I am giving up to you In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

Help me God

Dear God, 

I am here again asking for your help. Help me pass my exam Lord. If it’s for me you’ll allow it to happen if not, I know you have better plans for me. I want to thank you for all the blessings you’ve given me and my family. Thank you for always keeping my husband and family safe. Lord God please help me to help my family in the Philippines. Help me to bring them here too. And please help my husband to be successful on his job and to his comics. Thank you God. I love you.

Jesus Please give me my PAPA back

Dear Jesus,

I have read and gone through many articles that says you can bring a person back from dead to life. I have full faith in you &  on those articles and blog.I think its you who have showed me this path to pray and request you that please bring my papa back to life as he was with my family before. I not only pray but beg you to fulfill my wish. My family will be very grateful to you. You very well know from what my family is going through. Please show some mercy and kindness to us.Please give me my father back. My family promise to follow the path you showed to humanity.Please forgive all our sins if any. But return my father back. Do some miracle . I know you can do it some or other way. I am waiting for your miracle my Papa..Amen

Once More

My God:

I am here once again.  I know You know my heart but I want to tell You once more.  I am sorry for being a disappointment to You.  My life has been challenging and I haven’t done well.  I thank You for the life but as You know I haven’t been up to the challenge.  I miss You in my life.  I am lonely and sad and I know You don’t want that for me.  Please help me to make sense of things.  Please help me to find my way through the darkness.  Please help me to be a blessing and not a burden.  Dearest Lord God, please help me to start over once more and this time do it right.