Dear God

Thank you for the up lifting day.  I picked up an application for employment and it looks good.  Moving forward and trying to stay positive and hopeful.  I am trying to make an elderly lady happy and this is causing me to spend to much.  I love to see her smile when I bring her small things I have made or purchased.  She has had a very hard life.  I keep hoping.  I can pray for the lottery.  I can use all the help I can get.


Please take m y pain away.

Dear Lord,

i cannot count how many times you have helped me..Iam in trouble again.I do not want to lose my wife.i am suffering with these pain killers. Please >God give me the will to change to help myself. I feel all alone . i feel i need you more than ever.Please help me to stop. I cannot take it anymore.

Please help me God Please have mercy on me here on this life.I am screwing up everyone´s life. Please take this away from me once and for me change i need to change. Please help me go through what i have to.

Thank you,


Dear God.
I now believe that your son Jesus Christ died on the cross so I will be forgiven from my sin. Please I ask that you will send me your Holy Spirit so I will be the person you want me to be. I know we are all sinner’s but I so want to try and stop sinning so I please you and not do anything that is againt you. Thank you. In Jesus name. Amen.

oh lord in heaven, protect me from all dangers and harm. keep me always faithful to thee, do not put me to test but deliver me from evil.  hold my hand. dont throw me to hell, protect me so as to protect my child.

oh lord please protect me from harm in any form. 

Dear God

I feel blessed.  Today was little easier than others.  He is more sober than prior months which is a relief.   I hope everything goes as planed and I have enough to move forward to be with my family and money comes through.   Thank you so much.  I keep the faith it keeps me strong through the rough nights past and present.  I used to feel alone and new people come into my life and are helping me along the way.  I know a new job is just around the corner.

Thank  you   AMEN

Hi Dad!!!!

Hi Abba!! I don’t know how to start, but remember the time when I was 11 and I used to write You letters in my notebook every night? I miss doing that :) And, tonight, I want to write You a letter. I love You I just love You, and no matter what, i’ll love and trust You. You’ve been so amazing Abba, since the day You died for me and until now, Your mercy and love abounds. When I need you, you’re always there, in my happy & dark days, You never left me and You would comfort me. I am out of words about You and how great You are, but I just wanted to write you this. To anyone who needs a friend Abba, may You use me to lead them to you :) until next time Dad!! :) See You soon! :))

- Cristine 

Lord, first of all I want to thank You for giving me more blessings than I deserve. For giving me the best family any one could ask for. I know that I owe you a lot. I have my share  of shortcomings to you and to others. In one month I will be starting college in my dream school. And I don’t think I deserve to study there. I think I’m not smart enough. I don’t want to disappoint my parents. I’m so scared to fail Lord. Please give me courage. Courage to face whatever is in store for me. Always guide me Lord. I need You. Also please keep my family safe and healthy. I owe everything to you Lord.

Dear God,

I don’t know why I’m so nervous all of the time. I don’t know how to tell Mom or Dad or Sister about it. I am embarrassed of my depression and social anxiety and crying at night and disgracing myself. I don’t want them to know, but I really, really, really need help. I don’t know anymore.

I feel lonely lately. I’ve come to realize that I am not so good at making friends, and that upsets me very much. I can’t approach people like I used to. I’m really scared, God. I’m so scared. Please help me.

I’m scared about tomorrow. Please help me and give me the confidence to serve others. Please reassure me that everything will be okay. It seems like everything is falling apart. I don’t want to feel like this anymore. Please make it stop. I want to be happy. Why is that so difficult?

In Jesus’ Name we pray



thank you for answering all my prayers since I have come back to serve you, be it badly and awkwardly I have comeback to you oh lord!

my 2014n has been bad so far till we met again through my desperation , you answered quickly and faithfully to my need of food, money and now a possible GF! wow , I am blessed by you even after straying and not believing … you amazed me yet again…. thanks lord!


Dear God.
I’m so sorry for ever having doubts in you, please I promise I’m going to try and pray to you more, please give me the strength to do so. I’m still struggling with being a christian, is it something you want from me? please show me. Please I ask that you will look after all my friend’s and family. I know I don’t talk to my family but I do love them. Please I ask that you will help me with my worries about you. I must confess I am a little scared, of you? no, I don’t think so but more about pleasing you. please help me to be not scared anymore. Thank you. Amen.

God, I felt so lost. I felt i have no direction in life, no direction in career in relationship. I am not happy. I have friends but not the friends i can tell them my sadness. I dont want my emptiness to bother other people. I cried in Yoga today, i felt so lost in life. I dont want to go back to the place i used to feel empty and helpless. You helped me through the tough times before, please guild me pass this mess again. Please make me feel like a whole again. this stink.

You Are The Best.

Hi Bro! :)

I want to thank You first for everything today, for the blessings that I and my loved ones had received, for taking care of them, thank you. I also want to thank You for always telling me to be stronger and to trust You, to be patient and to prove that there is time for everything. Thank You for showing me signs that my time for having my very first job is near, and for letting me know how much You love me. Lastly, I want to thank You for the people that are always here for me no matter what, for my family, especially to my parents who are working hard to provide our needs, for giving me William, to protect and care for me, and thank You, for always giving me the best things, best people in the world, and for just being there everytime. Thank You.

I also want to say sorry for the things I’ve done wrong, for the wrong doings of my loved ones and other people. I know we are just confused of some things and we do not know what we’re doing. Please guide us on the right way, and give us a chance to change ourselves for the better.

Lastly, I just wanna ask for your continuous guidance not only for me, but for everyone. Give us strength to live everyday and overcome the trials on our way. Please take care of my family and loved ones, especially my parents, my mom and dad, who are giving their best just to provide our needs. Please give me strength to wait and to find the right job for me wherein I can improve myself as well as to help my family. I know you have plans for me, for everyone. I do trust You Bro and I know You’ll provide my needs and frant my wishes in time, all I have to do is to trust You and wait for the right time. Again, thank You Bro, and I love you so much. Always.

- Patricia.

thank you god

Dear God, I just want to Thank you for everyday. And everything bless Latoya Jackson on her married.  Because. It No fun when No body. Want you that why I am very happy. For her.  I just. Set here. Everyday. And weigh. On the lord. To bless. Me with the fund. I ask. In Jesus. Name God tell my mother and my others. LOVED. One’s. I said I love them and miss them so much. Hello everybody. And Michael Jackson. And Velma,Jeffrey.  God bless you have a bless day  Jesus. I want to see you and I want to see angle. Again Thank you by: Roberta

Dad, I haven’t written to you in a while.

These past couple of months have really been weighing hard on me. And I keep remember the whole “God never puts you through anything that you can’t handle.” I know that these are lessons learned, and I feel like I only come to you in my time of need. I’m sorry I’ve been so selfish about that, Father. It’s really not fair. I know that you’re trying to teach me all the things that are right from wrong, and showing me that it’s okay to make my own decisions and learn to be by myself. This has really been a hard time and I talk to you every single night and I know you hear me because it feels like this gigantic weight on my chest has been lifted. 

I feel like I’ve been trying to hard and every night just becomes worse and worse for me. And I never realized until today that it’s probably karma. Just because it didn’t happen to me earlier doesn’t mean it can’t happen now. And I know that now. I feel like… I need to start appreciating all of the things I have. I would say that I should give more and more but I have been doing that a lot lately. There’s this quote that goes, “It is amazing how much more we give if we forget about getting recognition in return.” So I’ve been doing things without wanting any recognition or pay back in return. I don’t need that. I have everything that I need. And I wish that I was more appreciative of things. I wish that I was. So I think I need to work on that more. I need to work on finding myself, too. After my break up with Dillon, things have been really tough form me. Mom is convinced he’s coming back, and the more and more I say that the more and more I don’t believe it. But maybe someday it will happen. You have made me one of the most patient people in this entire world, and I would like to thank You for that. Because there is a lot of things that I know I should be rushing, but I haven’t been. 

Father, this time around, I just want to ask you to look over me. Push me in the right directions and be my guiding light. Be that form of fate that I need. I think I have been looking in all the wrong directions all this time and trying to find answers to things that are none of my business. I need Your help in learning to be happy again. I know its there. It’s so close I can taste it. But I just need You to help me this time around. Don’t give me anything I don’t need, and let me earn the things that I want. I’m holding you in my heart right now, Lord. All I ask is that You keep me safe. 

All my love,